• 2022 Calendar

    2022 Calendar

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  • solitudesen

    Solitudes I & II

    Two tomes, two ways of embracing the serenity of wilderness.

    Available again!

  • Adélie, Terre & Mer (land & sea)


    Two visions of the Antarctic natural treasures
    by wildlife photographers Vincent Munier and Laurent Ballesta.

  • TIBET, promesse de l'invisible


    promesse de l'invisible {Promise of the Unseen}

    Munier's travel journal in wild Tibet, with black and white pictures.

  • TIBET, minéral animal


    minéral animal

    Munier's latest photo book about wild Tibet, tracking the mythical snow leopard...

  • Arctique


    Imagine an all white world.
    White sky, white snow, white beasts.

    A fabulous journey to discover…

  • 30,00 €

    This 2022 calendar shows 12 photographs of wild Tibet by Vincent Munier.

    30,00 €
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  • 65,00 €

    Vincent Munier's best pictures of wild Tibet, with texts by Sylvain Tesson (in French only).

    65,00 €
    In Stock
  • 35,00 €

    Vincent Munier's travel journal in wild Tibet, tracking the mythical snow leopard (in French only, with black and white pictures).

    35,00 €
    In Stock
  • 65,00 €

    This book showcases Munier’s best pictures from the Arctic - including white wolves, polar bears and foxes, snowy owls… This book exists in French OR in English. US customers, please place your order at HEMERIA.COM and the book will be shipped from the State of New York.

    65,00 €
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  • 110,00 €

    These two bilingual books (French and English) showcase Vincent Munier’s photographic work in two original formats: a vertical tome and a horizontal one.

    110,00 €
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  • 9,90 €

    NGO Reporters Without Borders dedicated one of their album "100 photos pour la liberté de la presse" (100 pictures for freedom of information) to Vincent Munier.

    9,90 €
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  • 680,00 €

    Deluxe edition of the book « Adélie, Land & Sea », including two fine-art prints signed by Vincent Munier and Laurent Ballesta. Next edition available: n°14/100.

    680,00 €
    In Stock
  • 800,00 €

    Deluxe edition of the book + CD "La nuit du cerf" by Vincent Munier, presented inside a box with one fine-art print. Next edition available: n°08/30.

    800,00 €
    In Stock