Solitudes I & II


These two bilingual books (French and English) showcase Vincent Munier’s photographic work in two original formats: a vertical tome and a horizontal one.

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Mysterious shadows and delicate portraits, silhouettes moving in the mist and hidden beasts punctuate these two reveries on paper. Two complementary books composing together a bright picture of the vast solitudes, sublimed by thoughts selected by Matthieu Ricard, a Buddhist monk, photographer and writer.

Solitudes I rises to the sky. Our look is guided along the tree trunks and through the branches. It tumbles down with a waterfall, falls like the snow and follows with bliss the subtle line of the seaside or the contours of rocks...

Solitudes II caresses the earth. The horizon becomes the architect of each image and invites us to get lost into the storm, to merge with the mountain crests or the whiteness of the ice field… to contemplate infinity.

Text in French and English.

Data sheet

PhotographerVincent Munier
WriterMatthieu Ricard
Number of pages2x136
Weight2,56 kg
Released in2013
ISBN 978-2-9537389-4-0