TIBET, minéral animal



Vincent Munier's best pictures of wild Tibet, with texts by Sylvain Tesson (in French only).

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Finding a snow leopard is the holy Graal for so many naturalists and travelers. The quest to find this animal is bewitching: you have to scan your eyes on every rock, on every patch of snow, on the back of each and every peak to hope and see it. If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll meet the other inhabitants of this majestic decor: tiny pikas, birds of prey, Tibetan foxes, rare wild yacks, herds of kiangs...

Wildlife photographer Vincent Munier has traveled to Tibet for several months, in the region of Kham, to bring back precious images of this world between dust and clouds. He is the author of a dozen books, including Arctique (2015).

Writer and philosopher Sylvain Tesson has followed Munier during his latest trip to Tibet in order to share his impressions and words with him. In France, he is well known as a travel writer: his book Dans les forêts de Sibérie (Gallimard) won the prestigious Médicis essai Price in 2011 and was adapted into a movie.


You can find here Munier's travel journal TIBET, promesse de l'invisible {Promise of the Unseen}, in French only.

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PhotographerVincent Munier
WriterSylvain Tesson (text in French only)
Number of pages240 pages
Width30 cm
Length24 cm
Weight3 kg
Released in2018
Binding100% cotton fabric