TIBET, promesse de l'invisible



Vincent Munier's travel journal in wild Tibet, tracking the mythical snow leopard (in French only, with black and white pictures).

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The mountain is shining in the light.

Throughout the day, the rocky slopes are exposed to sunlight; shadows; moonlight and strong winds.

The air is dry and freezing cold on the Tibetan plateau. Impressive screes are lying still, just as if they had always been there, since time immemorial.

And suddenly, a tiny movement catches our eye and awakens all of our senses: a big cat is on the move... it climbs down the rocks, and then vanishes. The snow leopard has disappeared, but we can still feel its presence. In fact, it’s bringing the mineral landscape around us to life. This morning, the feline is going on a hunt... 


You can find here the photo book TIBET, minéral animal by Vincent Munier and French writer Sylvain Tesson (text in French only).

Data sheet

PhotographerVincent Munier
WriterVincent Munier (text in French only)
Number of pages164 pages
Width17 cm
Length24 cm
Weight1 kg
Released in2018